Here are our general thoughts on SEO and Link Building

Can I start Building Links to my Website Right Away?
Nope. Here's why.
  • Google's smart enough to figure out if a link is fake - and this makes SEO both tricky and risky. Google has cast a big trap for anyone trying to game it's algorithm. You can't say "Here's how we're going to generate links that will fool Google". As soon as you start going down that road, it's not going to end well.
  • So, the general SEO strategy has to be where all links to your website are created as a side benefit of doing something that you would want to do anyway. In this case, that "something" is often online marketing via social media. While not all the link are from social media, social media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our link building efforts.
  • We can't start SEO until we have created our social media strategy. If we start SEO right now, we'll just be wasting our time, and your money. But, once the social media marketing is working, we can make small tweaks, and generate significant SEO benefit from what we're already doing.

Generating links to a Website
In the past, instead of trying to do something that brings intrinsic value, they (SEO companies) worked on creating fake links to websites. This worked for awhile, but Google has spent the last 15+ years getting better and better at spotting fake links. In my opinion, this strategy no longer works. 

We generally provide a search engine optimized social media link building plan.
The advantage of this approach is that:
  • increasing the revenue / visitor generated by your website makes sense even if it were not to improve SEO, 
  • the social media presence is useful, and will create lasting value and revenue, and 
  • it's easier to quantify the success of the program right away. Instead of saying "just wait 3 months and the rankings will probably go up", we can say "you will immediately see increased revenue from Facebook and other social media websites. We feel confident that your Google rankings will also improve, but even if they don't, this approach makes sense because of the increased revenue from social. 

The goal of the social media campaign is for it to generate a good ROI on it's own. That said, Google will see an increased social media presence around your website, interpret the social media buzz around your website as a sign that you’re website is important, and your Google rankings and traffic will slowly increase as well.

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