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Search Engine Optimization has been the passion of our company founder Chris Bergstrom for the past eight years. Chris is a leader in strategic SEO and has been working in the industry long before it had a name.

Since its inception, Bergstrom SEO, Inc. has built a talented team with many decades of experience in traditional and Internet marketing. Founder Chris Bergstrom's passion and high standards resonate throughout the entire company making his firm one of the best search engine optimization companies available. Bergstrom believes that successful SEO requires partnership and we work very closely with our clients. Your success and satisfaction is our ultimate goal.



Our Mission Our mission is to deliver success to our clients with ethical, and strategic SEO solutions grounded with a deep respect for high quality web content.

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Chris Bergstrom

Chris Bergstrom - Founder
A computer engineer by training, Chris has been developing SEO techniques for companies since 2001. His success crosses over to his personal life, as Chris is also an accomplished triathlon racer. He continues to work hard positioning Bergstrom SEO, Inc. as the best SEO company for business.


Christopher Moore- Operations & Customer Relationship Manager

Chris possesses an exceptional 17-year track record in customer relationship management and also has a substantial background in technical field services. His easy-going manner and attention to detail make him an excellent ally for all of our customers, whether internal or external. Chris' experience in a diverse selection of industries that span from industrial sectors to retail, packaging, online, and education markets, have aptly prepared him for the ever-changing climate of SEO operations.


Shel Spaulding-Moore- Director, Marketing & Content Development

With over 16 years of real-world experience in marketing communications, Shel has worked with many facets of business writing including advertising and SEO copywriting, technical writing, and publishing creative poetry and fiction. Her extensive marketing and communications background enables her to manage our content development operations, making sure that all content written by our writers is up to the high standards shared by both Bergstrom-SEO and our clients - and all while remaining firmly aligned to each client's strategic and editorial SEO goals.


Tyson Miller- Sales & Social Media Manager

Since finishing up a Bachelor of Commerce from UBC, Tyson has spent the many years as a sales and marketing manager in the software industry. Tyson is now heading up sales and social media for Bergstrom and looks forward to bringing our extensive SEO knowledge to businesses worldwide.


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