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In the last 15 years, Google has became very, very good at spotting fake links. Trying to fool Google just isn't going to work anymore. There are two main components of SEO. For SEO to work, both components need to be executed to perfection.

1. Be worthy of a #1 ranking.
We need to keep writing, reviewing, and editing the content on your website until you have more engaging content then any other website on the internet. One great article won't cut it. We need 100+ articles, and each article needs to say something new and interesting. You can't write 100 articles that all say the same thing.

2. Create high quality links. Forget about creating fake links. It's a waste of time." Every link we create needs to be legit.

Comprehensive & Proven SEO Plans

Although each SEO plan is customized to meet our individual client needs, there are many strategies that have proven return on investment, and as such, hold preferred positioning in our arsenal of techniques. Take a look at our multi-dimensional approach to improving your brand's online awareness, perceived products' or services' value, and overall audience reach. Click on the image below to view our SEO plans and services.

The best SEO company understands that high quality content is the highest priority when it comes to building effective marketing solutions. That's why we invest in our own team of US-based, experienced copywriters for all of our content development. Learn how much we care about content at Bergstrom SEO by reading about our content development team.

Would you like to know a little more about our clients? Take a look at our Featured Clients page to understand a more about how we conduct our business. We think you'll be impressed with what our customers have to say about our ethical and effective SEO practices.

Google Grants management

Google's gives non-profit organizations up to $10,000 each month in Google Adwords credits. This is a huge opportunity for registered non-profits. Let us know if you're interested in our Google Grants management consulting services.

So, how vulnerable are you to the next Google update? We can give you an actual number using the method here. Once we've done the Google vunerability analysis, we can spot holes in your SEO link profile. We analyze these vulnerabilities every two months and make adjustments as needed. We like to stay ahead of the curve because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and also helps us all sleep better at night. Read more about our methods here.

Our goal is to provide not only expert SEO strategies, but ultimately high quality content that engages your target audiences - and is highly valued by Google. Without engaging and high quality content, there is no point in utilizing even the strongest SEO techniques. If you're searching for an experienced firm that custom tailors an SEO program to meet your unique business needs, then you've come to the right place.

Were You Penalized by Google?

Here's how you can recover... We specialize in helping people recover from Google updates. We generally see the same problems over and over again. Here are the problems what we generally find when we review a clients' website:

Over optimization of anchor text. If you own a shoe store, and every link to your site has "buy shoes Seattle" as the anchor text, then you will get penalized by Google. The links to your site need a wide variety of branded (your firms name - "Bob's Shoes") and non-branded (SEO keywords - "buy shoes online") words in the anchor text of said links.

Not enough natural buzz. It's hard to create real links to a website. An online shoe store, or law firm website is usually just not that interesting. People aren't naturally linking to your new line of shoes on your website. As such, SEO companies have turned to creating fake links. This technique used to work very well and SEO companies managed to stay one step ahead of Google. The tables turned as Google gradually got smart. Google can spot which links are real and which are fake. If your links are fake, then Google just ignores them. The result is a steady decline in traffic and rankings.

The solution is to get people talking about you online. We need to generate actual real links to your site. Look at step #2 - natural buzz creation to see how it's done.

Lack of content about long tail keywords. Sure, you have an article about "buy shoes online", but one good article isn't enough. To be #1 in Google for your top keywords, you need to be the ultimate resource on the subject. We need 100+ articles. We need to answer every conceivable question someone might have about "how to buy shoes". You need to explain everything there is to know about the process of buying shoes online; everything.

Once we have the content, we need to ensure that it is engaging. Can you tell me what the bounce rate is to your site when people enter via the phrase "buy shoes"? Is it above 45%? If it is, then you have a big problem. A high bounce rate means that people aren't engaged by your content. You haven't answered their question. As a result, they're leaving your site and clicking on another site in Google search engine results pages. Google tracks this user behavior. They penalize you if your bounce rate is too high. We'll help you get your bounce rate down and your conversion rate (the percentage of visitors that become customers) up.

Does you business exist in the world of social media? We need to look at your LinkedIn, Pinterest, local reviews and Google+ accounts. You might not want to create these, but if you don't, well, your social media presence is limited - and that's part of the criteria Google uses when it decides how important your website is.

Ready to get started? Or, do you have questions? We'd love to talk with you. Give us a call @ (559) 978-4096 and ask to speak with Chris Moore.

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A Tip from the Pro

Content is king. We created a WordPress blog and started writing. Google loves websites with plenty of high quality, relevant content. We give all of our clients a skinned WordPress blog and help them upload it to their own website. Most SEO companies don't do this because it's difficult and complicated. But, we're not most SEO companies. Click here to Read More >>

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Why Bergstrom?

The Internet is a competitive environment with players of all skill levels. Bergstrom is an experienced firm with proprietary, innovative techniques used by the top SEO companies. These techniques dramatically increase the right kind of traffic to achieve your goals. Let our experts at Bergstrom help you consistently rise to the top of the ever-changing world of the web. Get ready to make your move.

Bergstrom Delivers:

American staff consisting of dedicated professionals
High-volume quality traffic
Tailored, personalized SEO strategy
Meaningful, high quality content
Website performance monitoring
Industry expertise
Competitive pricing

We understand how important your non-paid search traffic is to your business. We'll get you the traffic you need.

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