Don't Settle for Indian SEO Services—The SEO Best Practices Are Performed Here in America

High-quality content is at the core of every custom SEO plan from Bergstrom. We don't resort to keyword stuffing and irrelevant content just to gain a better ranking for our clients in search engine results. Not only can such tactics result in penalization from Google, but also content that makes no sense can draw customers and clients away from your site. To make sure that our content is interesting and relevant, and it adheres by the rules of organic search engine optimization, our content development is based in the U.S. Bergstrom uses their own internal team of experienced technical writers and editors who can write on virtually any subject, and can make it read like good-old American English. No Indian SEO at work here at Bergstrom.

We're proud to staff U.S. copywriting experts.
  • All content developed by Bergstrom SEO, Inc. is overseen and edited by a dedicated, U.S.-based internal team of SEO professionals.

  • We don’t outsource our content development to Indian firms. An experienced U.S.-based technical writer or editor proofs each and every article, social media post, directory listing, and classified ad.
  • We don’t rely on Indian copywriters or software programs to create content for our SEO programs. The copy we create for you is 100% original and expertly crafted to suit your needs.
  • We don’t make the mistake of settling for lower quality content because it has a lower price tag.
  • All of our SEO experts are based in the U.S. and regularly keep you informed about how your unique SEO plan is proceeding.

In other words, we understand the American culture, and this is reflected in our readable, interesting copy. We don't need to learn the basics of American consumer behavior or B2B sales practices. We get it. The Bergstrom team consists of seasoned marketing and advertising experts, technical writers, and talented SEO analysts that are fellow Americans. Therefore, you can rely on Bergstrom SEO to provide only the highest-quality content for link building, social media networking, and website enhancements.
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