Why Is Article submission a Good Idea?

Creating inbound links to your website is a very important part of SEO. The drawback is that it can take quite a bit of time. The old approach was to manually email webmasters of other websites. This technique works, but on the off chance that the webmaster does in fact exchange links with you, they usually bury the link to your website in some obscure part of their website that nobody's ever going to see.

To make the process a little more efficient, sites like Linkmarket.com created automated systems by which webmasters could exchange links in bulk. It's an interesting idea, but automated tools built to try to trick Google usually work for a while and then backfire in a spectacular and horrible way. This was the case for Linkmarket. It enjoyed a solid six months of fame back in 2003. It’s not useful anymore and could get you black-listed by the search engines.

So what's a "Google Fearing" SEO company to do? For us, one answer (and yes, this is only one of our techniques to generate back-links) lies in article/press release/blog creation & submission. Article, Press Release, and Blog Submission are the three most cost-effective and efficient means of generating high quality inbound links. We write content (articles/press releases) and using that content to generate an "online buzz" about your website.

In some cases, we create thousands of high quality, relevant content, (similar) articles for one website. We post this content to over 1,500 different websites. Webmasters that are hungry for content in turn re-post the content (with links to our clients website in tact) on their website. The result is a hundreds of thousands or relevant pages on thousands of respected websites that all link to our clients website. It's a technique that really works.

Should I use Submission software?

There are a few things to be concerned about when you start article posting. The first question is “Should I use article submission software?”

If you ask 5 different SEO companies this question, you’d probably get 6 different answers. As usual, I ask myself “What would Matt Cutts say about this?” I think it’s pretty obvious that he wouldn’t approve. My guess is that Matt Cutts doesn’t really like article posting, but he’s probably not going to go out of his way to penalize people who use this technique. However, we feel that using article submission software is crossing some sort of line.

Article submission software has the ability to submit your articles to 1,000’s of article submission sites with a few keystrokes. It sounds like a good idea, but it gave us pause. In the end, we decided to do article submission the old fashioned way – by hand. We went one step further and focus on ensuring that we won’t be punished by the filters that we think Google has setup to punish people that are using article submission software.

It should be fairly easy for search engines to look for (and discredit) articles that all appear on the same 1,000 article submission sites. We feel that this is an easy way to detect people that use article submission software. We are assuming that search engines are doing this. In order not to be punished we:
  Keep the list of sites we post to up to date – and we keep changing it. If nobody else posts to the same list of sites as us, then it’s hard to come to the conclusion that we’re using a software tool.
  Make small changes to the article – Instead of posting the same article to 1,000 article/blog submission sites, we use 5-10 different articles, and post each to between 100-200 sites.
  Focus on blogs. We have 1,000’s of blogs on 100’s of blog sites (blogger, wordpress, etc). We prefer blogs over article posting because we have more control over the content. We don’t have to worry about our articles not being approved, and they stay up forever. Also, we feel that posing articles to blogs is more inline with what search engines recommend. Matt cutts himself has say to “create blogs and blog about your new products and services”. Did he mean create 200 blogs? Probably not. Would Matt Cutts be upset if we have 200 blogs, and each blog is at least somewhat unique? He might chuckle and say something slightly disparaging.  But, we feel confident that he wouldn’t actually get mad. 
  Use articles in press releases when possible. Press release submission is a separate topic, but it bares mentioning here. When possible, we modify out articles and use them as press releases.


So, is article/blog posting a grey-area technique? Yeah, I think it is. Can you rely 100% on it for back-links? Probably not. But, we think it definitely has its place. In less than six minutes, we can create a URL on a respected website that has 300+ words of relevant content, has 2-3 links to your website. It’s not the holy grail of back-links generation, but it’s an important part of a back-link generation SEO campaign – and something that people should do. The press release and blog modifications turn it into what we feel is an acceptable SEO technique.


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