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SEO News - Part 2
SEO News


Innovation and development are strongly linked to Google’s updates. One of these updates is Google Panda, a software update that diminished and altered Google’s ability to recognize high-quality content. Truth be told, a large number of well-established and highly optimized sites suffered from certain consequences that greatly endangered their status in search engines. Due to this, the Best SEO Companies began to search for a remedy by finding new and more effective ways to optimize their clients’ websites.

Top SEO companies believe that there are several techniques one can use when dealing with Google Panda. One of which is avoiding purchasing links. A top SEO company does not secure its client’s visibility online by resorting to purchasable links online. The major reason for this is Google Panda’s ability to recognize spammed links, which greatly diminishes a site’s ranking on Google. Consequently, the search engine will automatically place one’s site in the lower ranks of its search results due to the use of spammed links.

In addition, SEO companies, including the Top SEO Companies, advise that one must only trust SEO firms that provide credible support to one’s site when facing certain updates every now and then. It is not at all enough for a firm to simply provide optimization services on a one-time basis since the online world is a dynamic medium that rapidly and continuously changes. Moreover, the best SEO companies discourage website owners to allow guest bloggers into their system. Though this is seen as an effective tool in link-building, the burden usually falls on the website owner since a guest blogger is not held liable for his mediocre or spammed posts.

Interlinking domains is another technique that is seen to effectively remedy the effects of Google Panda. A top SEO company maintains that this is actually better than allowing guest bloggers to penetrate one’s site. Interlinking is a more credible and favorable means of establishing one’s name online through inter-domain connections. For example, a site for kids might link its domain to other sites falling under the same category. This way a website can easily be grouped with similar sites, which leads to higher potential rankings. This is actually the secret weapon that many SEO companies use when combating different Google updates.

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There are plenty of strategies that credible and reliable SEO companies ensure their clients’ websites succeed. However, not every one of these companies can guarantee results like Bergstrom SEO, Inc. This company is considered one of the top companies when it comes to search engine optimization and other online marketing needs. The company, which owns and maintains its own site,, is indeed a reputable source for top SEO strategies that can lead one’s website onto the front pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Bergstrom does not deny its popularity when it comes to providing quality SEO services to its clients. The company even shares its expertise in this field by providing start-ups and other individuals that are aspiring to learn search engine optimization the right information how to achieve effective content optimization. According to, the biggest consideration one has to make when optimizing a site is, of course, its content. The use of powerful high ranking keywords has always been at the forefront of developing content that will rank well in search engines and perhaps landed the site in the top spots of search engine results.

Aside from optimizing the site’s content, Bergstrom also believes that the key to a productive and harmonious relationship between any SEO company and a prospective client is the establishment of long-term goals. In addition, the long-term plan must focus on maintaining, if not developing, credible content for the site, so that is attracts more attention to the site. More so, unique and well-written content attracts the right kind of attention that bodes favourably with search engines. also shares that companies - especially those that are just beginning - must watch out for SEO firms that promise instant rankings or metrics solutions. These SEO companies should not be trusted and employing such a company could lead to the untimely demise of a website’s popularity due to the use of black hat SEO, which involves trickery and unsavory techniques. Additionally, these companies are incompetent and unable to provide white hat SEO that works. Bergstrom adds that one must thoroughly assess the black hat SEO techniques that their prospective SEO firm incorporates in their craft. These techniques can fundamentally define whether or not a certain website will benefit from the SEO techniques. Get more information about the site and its different SEO services by accessing its webpage at


The demand for search engine optimization has become undeniable over the decade. The boom of social media and social networking sites was ushered in by the blossoming of the biggest business in the web – search engine optimization, or SEO for short. About 80% of the sites that actively exist today follow SEO rules as their framework in developing and maintaining their sites. Though one may readily think that the way to success in SEO is a straight path, it is the opposite of the truth. The road to a successfully optimized site is quite grueling and tedious, but any obstacle can easily be conquered by entrusting one’s site to a credible and experienced SEO company.

Bergstrom SEO, Inc. is one of many search engine optimization companies that cater to start-ups’ and long-established companies’ optimization needs. This company is well known for its high-quality services that are unmatched in more ways than one. Every one of its previous and active long-term clients gained a number of benefits from the utilization of the company’s powerful SEO services.

Bergstrom SEO maintains that the secret to its success is linked to its years of experience, as well as its dynamic crew that try, as much as possible, to raise and innovate its quality of services every day.

Unlike other SEO companies, Bergstrom does not solely rely on content optimization in order to improve the rankings of its clients’ websites. It is actually a mixture of both content and web design. Web design covers the integral facets of webpage presentation, organization and style. Bergstrom incorporates a different kind of style in the presentation of content to enhance its search engine potential. This company also recognizes the many benefits of website design as a powerful tool to maximize SEO efforts on client’s sites.

The organization of the fully-optimized content goes hand-in-hand in securing a website’s place in the top search result results. The company has the right experts, let alone the expertise, to handle various methods of search engine optimization. However, this new method will not only lead to favorable backlink generation, it will also give a website the edge over its competitors since this strategy aids in presenting, in the most emphatic manner, a website’s content to its target audience. Find out more about Bergstrom and its other SEO services by visiting


Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that has given many companies the chance to gain popularity online and receive significant amounts of traffic. However, there are many things to consider when using SEO techniques in order for one’s site to get the attention it needs. More often than not, these considerations are neglected and ignored by some companies, which causes degradation of the reputation of clients. Therefore, it is necessary for a business owner to entrust his site to a top SEO company that provides comprehensive search engine optimization services.

A prospective Indian SEO company must know and understand the values and considerations search engines use in their ranking algorithms. These considerations are primarily grounded on the fact that links must drive or elicit a positive response from the target audience. A SEO company employs tactics to ensure that the intended market provides the desired response. A positive response is most commonly seen as the number of visitors that enter a website after finding it on a search engine page results. If there is active patronage from visitors, it is considered a positive response from targeted traffic.

Beyond this, a Best SEO Company improves a website by editing it to become a reliable resource for visitors. Establishing the name of the site online means building its credibility to its repeat visitors, let alone one-time visitors. The reason why many people quote or use famous sites in their reports, assignments or projects is because these are the sites that have been proven to be credible in search engines. An Indian SEO company that doesn’t make an effort establishing the name of its client’s site as a possible reference is an ineffective company one should not trust.

Finally, a SEO company must offer quality assistance to its clients, as well as to their target audience. Assisting viewers, readers and users whenever they need help navigating online or even just viewing pertinent information must also be another SEO consideration. One can do this by simply creating content that is easy to understand, digest and share. A reliable SEO company does not thrive by using certain tricks and tweaks to feign search engine results, but works hard to establish a clean and valuable relationship with its clients by providing only what is due to them and to their sites.

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Social media and social marketing has become crucial for businesses that are based online and off. The prevalence of these sites has become quite obvious in all aspects of business. Individuals all around the world can enjoy the numerous benefits of instantly sharing information, whether it is personal or for business, with the world. Though sharing information is the sole reason why social networking sites were made, the best SEO companies have devised and managed to figure out a way to use these sites in their SEO tactics. It is not uncommon to find SEO companies that utilization social networking site accounts.

What does social media relate to search engine ranking? How is SEO and social media related to one another? The truth is that one can exist without the other, but incorporating these two areas together can help generate stronger results for a business in terms of rankings, traffic and customers. Incorporating SEO with social networking sites can help a site gain better ranking in search engines. This is because search engines often utilize data found in social media to improve their results.

The best SEO companies recognize that due to several factors, people tend to share information via social media accounts. Even the Best SEO Company does the same in order to maintain its popularity, let alone its credibility in the industry. Once traced by search engines, this shared information contributes to the improvement in the rankings of the data presented. For example, the best SEO company posts or shares information from its main website to its social media accounts, which strengthens the value of its site, leading to a more favorable search engine results ranking. Conversely, over-stuffing or spamming different social media sites with this strategy will lead to adverse results.

Bergstrom SEO, Inc. is one of the best SEO companies that uses social media as a strategy to help their clients achieve the rankings their websites deserve. As a leading SEO company, it has incorporated the use of social media as one of its effective tools in establishing their clients’ names online. This link-building strategy not only benefits the different social networking sites, but also the company and their clients as a whole. To learn more about the potential use of search engine optimization in social media and other areas of the Internet, visit Bergstrom SEO’s webpage at

Websites might have some idea what keywords they should target. For example, if a website sells Mac computers, they should naturally try to target and optimize the website for “Mac computers”; however, it is foolish to begin optimizing a site or ranking for a keyword without completing the proper keyword analysis and research. This information can help a SEO company determine which keywords are truly attainable and which have too high competition levels or too low search demand. These factors could be the difference between a SEO plan working successfully and the plan falling flat.

The best SEO company conducts several steps before finally settling on a set of targeted keywords. To begin, the company conducts keyword research, as well as performance and competition analyses. With the help of programs like Google Analytics and Google Adwords, the best SEO company can determine which keywords are currently driving traffic to the website and the potential of these keywords. As mentioned before, if a keyword has too high competition or too low search demand, it may be worth it to look at other related keywords. On the other hand, if a keyword has a good amount of search demand and moderate levels of competition, it could be a keyword worth targeting. This step also reveals which long-tail keywords can be utilized in niche sections of a website.

In addition to these steps, the SEO company can develop and manage Adwords campaigns, as well as focus on conversion analysis so that they may fine tune the keywords focused on during the SEO campaign. Any business owner should be wary of SEO companies that do not take the time to conduct proper research before beginning optimization. Bergstrom-SEO, for example, uses keyword research and analysis as a jumping off point to begin planning a comprehensive SEO campaign.

A website is only as good as its content, which is why content writing is a crucial part of any SEO plan. Google currently places a great deal of emphasis on well-written, relevant and optimized SEO copy writing that is unique to the website. Websites that are lacking in unique or relevant content will ultimately be penalized on Google and rankings will diminish over time. Just as backlink services are necessary to establish a website as the foremost leading resource for a certain topic, product or service, SEO writing services are equally important so that the website is ranking for the targeted keywords while also providing relevant information.

SEO writing services are typically included in plans devised by search engine optimization companies. However, SEO copy writing should not be focused on only one niche or one area of the web. Copy should be diverse and written for multiple platforms, such as social media, niche sections on the specific website and for backlink generation. Creating unique and new copy for each article is important so that the website is not penalized for duplicate content issues. This often becomes an issue when a business hires a SEO company that is inexperienced or utilizes black hat search engine optimization techniques, which ultimately harms a website and its rankings on Google. Additionally, it is vital that all SEO copy writing is essentially well-written. Not only will visitors to the website be turned off by poor grammar or spelling, but Google will also recognize this and – you guessed it – penalize the website.

At Bergstrom-SEO, we regard copy writing as an essential part of our SEO techniques and plans. With dedicated professional writers and editors on staff, we are able to create specialized content specific to each client each month. We understand our content is written for people, not search engines, and we write accordingly.

How important is your Landing Page to your online business? Very much. Brick Marketing, a respected online marketing solutions company with above 10 years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization, is pleased to declare a new, exciting category that is being added to their informative Search Engine Optimization Journal and the Brick Marketing blog network. This new category is all about Landing Page Optimization and how it can drive even more sales and visitors to your website.

Good landing pages can increase the conversion rates of any online business. Hence, it is important to know how it works. The Landing Page Optimization category is a huge addition to the Brick Marketing blog network. This will inform readers about the marketing tool aspects of landing pages, and how landing pages can work for them. One of the key things that the Landing Page Optimization category of the Search Engine Optimization Journal will cover is the makings of a good landing page. It will cover different topics about what makes a good landing page, such as:

• Keeping content simple but sufficiently sophisticated
• Working from a style sheet
• Including purchase buttons
• Image optimization
• Using sales-oriented material

However, the Landing Page Optimization category will not just discuss what makes a good landing page. It will also discuss other topics that can take your good landing page and make it into a spectacular one that draws in more clients and sells more products. Some of the topics that will also be discussed in the Landing Page Optimization category of the Search Engine Optimization Journal comprise:

• Photo optimization
• Using specific keyword phrases
• Making your landing page stand out
• Local search marketing
• Image optimization

The title tag plays a vital role in attaining high search engine rankings. Google uses page titles to help determine what your web page is about. If you want google to decide that your page is about “Search Engine Optimization”, then “Search Engine Optimization” should be in the page title. If you are serious about getting more clickthroughs on the search engine results page, the words of your title tags can do wonders for you as they appear on the clickable link of the SERP. Of late, title tags have been considered as an effective search engine marketing tool and are one of the big three factors of algorithmic optimization of the search engine. A well written title tag can make a fast as well as considerable difference to your page rank.

The knack of effective title tag writing is to incorporate the keyword on which your content is based. However, make sure it doesn’t look contrived or contorted. The ideal way to utilize your keywords and key phrases in the title tags is in synchronization with the visible body text. This will solve two goals. Firstly, it will increase your website ranking. Secondly, it will generate a link between the visible text and alt text of the page. Not every search engines optimizer considers it as a potential technique. But, those who do will vouch for its success! Just make sure not to repeat the keywords in title tags. Also remember to restrict the title tag of your page within 90 characters else you will have to face penalization from Search engine.

Link-bait is a well-known and well-utilized tool that many webmasters use frequently in order to pull more traffic into a link. One popular method of link-baiting is controversial debate; start up a heated topic and watch the people come.

A few other methods of link baiting:

  • General discussion - Entice users to add their two cents to the topic at hand, discussion can be about current events, controversial articles, or anything in between.
  • Offers - Offer users something in return for visiting your site, a joke, a fun game you enjoy playing on the net, or some cooking tips.
  • Images - Putting up a few cute, funny, or scary images can bring users in, who doesn’t like taking a minute out of their day to check out some photos

Now, Link-baiting sounds like a deceptive trick used by malicious webmasters in an attempt to suck hits from unsuspecting users, but really, Link-baiting can be a fun or informative experience for both parties.

Consider Link-baiting in your next project, see if you can find any useful strategies. Just don’t fool people or deceive them, they usually get pretty angry when they’ve been had.