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Many SEO companies claim that they are the best search engine optimization company. If you want your website to rank highly, be aware that the best search engine optimization company keeps up with the many updates and changes on Google’s software algorithm. Google constantly updates its software as part of its efforts to better rank websites according to relevance and content. Reliable SEO firms, such as Bergstrom-SEO, are constantly finding ways to optimize their clients’ websites in accordance to the rules set by Google and other major search engines.

As a reputable SEO company, Bergstrom-SEO understands the difference between black hat and white hat SEO techniques, and why it pays to do things the correct way once. What are black hat SEO techniques? They pertain to keyword stuffing and other poor SEO strategies. At first, black hat SEO might cause a website land highly in search engine results, but eventually, Google will drop the rankings, especially if the website is full of repetitive keywords. Black hat SEO is considered unethical, because the strategies are meant to deceive search engines and completely ignore the rules set by these search engines.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, pertains to techniques that are well accepted and employed by reputable firms like Bergstrom. White hat techniques follow the rules set by Google and other search engines. Some of these techniques include seamless incorporation of keywords in articles, re-writing of Meta tags, and improving website content. White hat SEO also includes website redesign, since Google has recently rolled out an algorithm that ranks websites according to the amount of relevant information it displays on the upper part of its page, above the fold.

Being the preeminent search engine, Google is continuously improving the way it ranks websites according to relevance. It will continue to update its software to expose websites that employ black hat SEO strategies, especially those that resort to keyword stuffing. The best SEO firms know this, which is the reason why these companies only follow ethical SEO strategies that have proven effective in making websites land high on search engine result pages. Bergstrom can claim to being among the best in search engine optimization because of their insistence in employing only white hat SEO strategies.

Discover more about how Bergstrom can raise the search engine rankings of your website, the ethical way, by visiting /

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Search engine optimization involves several elements with the end goal to maximize the amount of visitors that come to a website and consequently become regular visitors or customers. Search engine optimization, commonly referred to its shorthand version SEO, employs tactics that will increase the number of organic visitors by increasing the site’s appeal and ranking on popular search engine sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If a website is optimized for certain keywords and then ranked number one on Google for a certain keyword or phrase, it can expect to receive more visitors and thus more revenue. On the other hand, a site that has not been optimized might become lost in the thousands of pages of search results. This could lead to the business losing money or going bankrupt, thus proving the necessity of SEO for all websites.

The top SEO companies employ a few tried and true tactics that include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing and behavioral targeting. Other techniques include researching popular keywords with high search demand and determining the cost per impression for a website. The best SEO company also combines these with backlink generation techniques, which increases a site’s authority with search engines. Additionally, the company may restructure a website so that it is the most user and SEO friendly possible. Together with optimized content, as well as titles and meta tags, a website can begin to rise in the ranks of Google and other search engines for a targeted keyword or phrase.

Despite the tactics top SEO companies utilize, there are companies present in the Internet that use black hat techniques, which ultimately harm a website’s reputation with Google. These techniques include keyword stuffing, hidden content and link farming. To avoid being penalized by Google and other search engines, it is best to work with a company that specializes in white hat SEO. In addition to this, the company a business chooses should have the expertise and experience to deliver results. Bergstrom-SEO is a top SEO company that offers clients with incomparable white hat SEO services.

By convention, small business means little visibility online while big businesses typically dominate the Internet. However, by incorporating SEO into one’s business, a small business can actually be equal to a large business by establishing a wide scope of visibility online. Though this may sound a bit impossible, many businesses today have discovered this advantage with the guidance of top SEO companies.

Teaming up with an experienced company benefits a small business in more ways than one. When competing for visibility and traffic online, SEO companies vie for quality over quantity. One company that is recognized as the best SEO company today is Bergstrom SEO, Inc. This company has established its name and credibility by helping small businesses achieve the visibility and attention that they so desire. As a Top SEO company, Bergstrom SEO, Inc. works with what they have and what their clients have in order to come up with the perfect plan to achieve a wider range of website traffic.

As a best SEO company, Bergstrom SEO utilizes the basic components of SERPs when realizing success for their clients. These components are comprised of content optimization, link-building and planning. According to most SEO firms, content optimization is perhaps the most critical step in establishing one’s name online since the content of the site will be its ticket to top search engine results. Though this may be true, the other components are of similar importance and thus, they are not to be compromised in one way or another.

Alongside content optimization is white hat link-building. The best SEO company maintains that this is as necessary as having one’s content optimized. For one, link-building generates a significant number of visitors to one’s site. This is because modern-day people enjoy the idea of sharing and the same is true with link-building. Finally, top SEO companies also recognize the value and importance of carefully creating a long-term plan for a certain website. This plan must involve structural analysis that covers all other factors, as well as the significance in generating traffic to the site. Get to know more about these factors or find out more about Bergstrom SEO by accessing Bergstrom SEO, Inc. has years of experience and expertise that will easily guide small businesses to the top of the search engine results. Learn more by browsing information available on their website online.

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Small businesses can actually make it big in the online marketing industry by using certain tools such as search engine optimization or SEO as it commonly known. Based on its structure alone, one may think that a small business can thrive on the Internet because of its limitations, such as the lack of having departments like marketing and advertising among others. However, the limitations of small businesses can easily be remedied or dealt with by forming an alliance with SEO marketing experts.

Bergstrom SEO, Inc., a top company that provides SEO services, fully understands search engine optimization, as well as online marketing. This company houses leading experts who can help small businesses thrive in the online world. According to this company, forming an alliance with one of its SEO marketing experts will benefit any online marketing efforts. What this company’s experts do - similar to the marketing experts of the best SEO firms in America - is establish a clean-cut online marketing campaign that will work for the company continuously throughout its existence.

Bergstrom SEO, Inc. offers some of the best SEO company services, which means this company has a deep understanding of the different technical aspects of search engine optimization. The company maintains that it has credible background and experience when it comes to page-building, website development, and even creation of content. Additionally, its marketing experts can create exceptionally “friendly” URLs. Even the best of the best SEO firms in America know how challenging it is to come up with URLs that are effective and easy to remember. Bergstrom-SEO is more than proud to note its proficiency in this facet and all the other facets of SEO.

It is not impossible for small businesses to gain the right advantage in the online marketing industry. Despite the absence or lack of proper marketing departments, they can easily thrive and become successful in the online industry by entrusting the best SEO company for the job. In no time, these small businesses can become the biggest tycoons in the World Wide Web. Small businesses can benefit from high rankings and increased visitors, which leads to increased revenue. Find out more about the best SEO firms in America and learn why Bergstrom SEO, Inc. is definitely the best search engine optimization company for your business by visiting for more details and information.

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Whether you own a big company or a small company, your status or level of popularity online is still subject to the many facets of search engine algorithms. Online popularity is hard to achieve, even for the savviest companies. In fact, even the biggest companies in the world still struggle to reach or maintain a certain level of popularity online without utilizing search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly abbreviated, is the only way to truly achieve success in the online world.

For start-up businesses, the importance of SEO surely outweighs almost any other advertising scheme online. Even the best SEO firm started from scratch to reach its milestone of becoming one of the best companies that provide such services. Some of the best SEO firms today believe that the secret for great online success is to start fresh. They advise that for people who haven’t created or developed their own websites before to undergo the learning process of understanding SEO and its many feats. There are always plenty of disadvantages that can arise if one undergoes the process of incorporating SEO to a previously developed site. However, the success of a site that later incorporates SEO is still possible.

The best SEO firms state that start-up businesses must first engage the rudiments of SEO such as using Adwords, a very useful tool in terms of retrieving possible keywords that can lead other people or prospective consumers to one’s site. Incorporating such keywords into the content of the site will most likely lead to better visibility in search engine results. The Top SEO firms also uses this type of technique to attract prospective clients to their own site.

Aside from the usual concept of incorporating keywords into one’s content, the best SEO firm acknowledges the potential of SEO in different marketing campaigns. Since SEO is primarily a ubiquitous tool in today’s modern age, it is not surprising that many SEO firms utilize all the resources available online including social media sites. Learning SEO is the best way to venture into the online marketing world. Optimizing one’s website is a sure-fire ride to online success.

To learn more about search engine optimization and to speak with a reliable company that provides such services, access There, you’ll find a wealth of informative articles and explanations about SEO highlights and techniques that really work.

In the passing of one day, about three-fourths of the world’s population has either read or written a status, a hash tag, or a post online. The significance of these acts may be unknown to most people, but for the many individuals who are involved in the SEO industry this means there is another chance to gain better traffic and patronage from online users. The groundwork of such a phenomenal and promising opportunity is basically summed up as SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization. To learn how SEO can benefit a business and its importance in the Internet, read on.

SEO is unlike any other rule or guideline used when creating content online. Top SEO firms define SEO as the foundation or exoskeleton of a quality site; without it, a site is left to thrive on its own and may struggle to gain loyal visitors. Many individuals tend to become overwhelmed about search engine optimization, which makes them apprehensive about trying it. Little do they know that entrusting their site to top SEO companies is probably the best way to achieve fast and reliable results.

SEO firms know and understand the value of creating quality content. This is perhaps the main reason why they focus their attention on detail, as well as placement and wording of their content. While some may write for the sole purpose of writing or posting just about anything online, top SEO companies have devised a strategic way of creating content that is both economical for its readers and also beneficial for the technological medium. Today, most websites are not created for the sole purpose of publishing certain articles online, but this method has become the number one tool of advertising for top SEO firms.

Sharing a blog post, a social media page or even an email to one’s friends are proven information dissemination methods; however, one must also realize the greater potential of producing quality content in order to gain high rankings on popular search engines. The key to realizing the benefits of search engine optimization is only possible when businesses trust only top SEO companies that will create quality and well-written content that will be recognized by search engines and visitors, alike.
Find out more about search engine optimization by visiting today. This reliable SEO company can help improve any site’s credibility long term.

Do you ever wonder why some sites receive more attention and traffic than others? Do you ever wonder how people prioritize some sites over another? Practically speaking, the answers to these two questions are related to the technicalities of SEO. The best SEO experts share that even the most boring sites can actually get through and penetrate the top rankings of search engines by using SEO tactics, like URLs. A URL or universal resource locator is actually a code that stands for the address of a certain website. The best SEO company services actually allot time and effort in providing their clients with the right URL to match the quality of their site.

If you take a look at popular sites today, you might notice that most, if not all of them, utilize basic words that are easy-to-understand and remember. If the truth be told, the mind of the human body responds to words or codes that are quite easy to recall. The challenge in creating a site is not merely the design, form, layout and content that it should contain, but rather the URL that will uplift its content, more so than its design and other technicalities. The best SEO experts advise that in coming up with the right name for one’s site, he must consider short, but unique words that can easily leave an impression on visitors.

The importance of URLs does not end there. SEO companies notice that a lot of people often miss the point of “U” in URL. They often miss the point of creating an address that can be universally accepted and simply force certain lengthy words that are hard to digest during a one-time visit. This can actually lead to visitors leaving the site for those that use short or more common words.

Another element of URLs that website developers or owners must avoid is the use of numbers, generic terms or excessive keywords. The use of numbers is only proper if the company deals with numbers. The best SEO experts maintain that generic keywords or keyword stuffing in URLs is often the reason why search engines leave out certain sites. The best SEO company services try to please the different search engines by using non-lengthy keywords.

The use of so-called “friendly URLs” is recommended by many SEO experts. Friendly doesn’t have to mean too simple and it also does not mean substandard. The rule of thumb that a lot of SEO companies follow is simply using URLs that leave a good impression even at a quick glance. The challenge may sound quite difficult to handle, but the secret is actually choosing words that linger the first time you hear them.

Visit for more details about friendly URLs, the best SEO company services and other key SEO tactics.


Innovation and development are strongly linked to Google’s updates. One of these updates is Google Panda, a software update that diminished and altered Google’s ability to recognize high-quality content. Truth be told, a large number of well-established and highly optimized sites suffered from certain consequences that greatly endangered their status in search engines. Due to this, the Best SEO Companies began to search for a remedy by finding new and more effective ways to optimize their clients’ websites.

Top SEO companies believe that there are several techniques one can use when dealing with Google Panda. One of which is avoiding purchasing links. A top SEO company does not secure its client’s visibility online by resorting to purchasable links online. The major reason for this is Google Panda’s ability to recognize spammed links, which greatly diminishes a site’s ranking on Google. Consequently, the search engine will automatically place one’s site in the lower ranks of its search results due to the use of spammed links.

In addition, SEO companies, including the Top SEO Companies, advise that one must only trust SEO firms that provide credible support to one’s site when facing certain updates every now and then. It is not at all enough for a firm to simply provide optimization services on a one-time basis since the online world is a dynamic medium that rapidly and continuously changes. Moreover, the best SEO companies discourage website owners to allow guest bloggers into their system. Though this is seen as an effective tool in link-building, the burden usually falls on the website owner since a guest blogger is not held liable for his mediocre or spammed posts.

Interlinking domains is another technique that is seen to effectively remedy the effects of Google Panda. A top SEO company maintains that this is actually better than allowing guest bloggers to penetrate one’s site. Interlinking is a more credible and favorable means of establishing one’s name online through inter-domain connections. For example, a site for kids might link its domain to other sites falling under the same category. This way a website can easily be grouped with similar sites, which leads to higher potential rankings. This is actually the secret weapon that many SEO companies use when combating different Google updates.

Check out more information about Bergstrom SEO, Inc. Visit today. Browse through helpful articles and other details to gain a better understanding of exactly how SEO could help your business.


There are plenty of strategies that credible and reliable SEO companies ensure their clients’ websites succeed. However, not every one of these companies can guarantee results like Bergstrom SEO, Inc. This company is considered one of the top companies when it comes to search engine optimization and other online marketing needs. The company, which owns and maintains its own site,, is indeed a reputable source for top SEO strategies that can lead one’s website onto the front pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Bergstrom does not deny its popularity when it comes to providing quality SEO services to its clients. The company even shares its expertise in this field by providing start-ups and other individuals that are aspiring to learn search engine optimization the right information how to achieve effective content optimization. According to, the biggest consideration one has to make when optimizing a site is, of course, its content. The use of powerful high ranking keywords has always been at the forefront of developing content that will rank well in search engines and perhaps landed the site in the top spots of search engine results.

Aside from optimizing the site’s content, Bergstrom also believes that the key to a productive and harmonious relationship between any SEO company and a prospective client is the establishment of long-term goals. In addition, the long-term plan must focus on maintaining, if not developing, credible content for the site, so that is attracts more attention to the site. More so, unique and well-written content attracts the right kind of attention that bodes favourably with search engines. also shares that companies - especially those that are just beginning - must watch out for SEO firms that promise instant rankings or metrics solutions. These SEO companies should not be trusted and employing such a company could lead to the untimely demise of a website’s popularity due to the use of black hat SEO, which involves trickery and unsavory techniques. Additionally, these companies are incompetent and unable to provide white hat SEO that works. Bergstrom adds that one must thoroughly assess the black hat SEO techniques that their prospective SEO firm incorporates in their craft. These techniques can fundamentally define whether or not a certain website will benefit from the SEO techniques. Get more information about the site and its different SEO services by accessing its webpage at


The demand for search engine optimization has become undeniable over the decade. The boom of social media and social networking sites was ushered in by the blossoming of the biggest business in the web – search engine optimization, or SEO for short. About 80% of the sites that actively exist today follow SEO rules as their framework in developing and maintaining their sites. Though one may readily think that the way to success in SEO is a straight path, it is the opposite of the truth. The road to a successfully optimized site is quite grueling and tedious, but any obstacle can easily be conquered by entrusting one’s site to a credible and experienced SEO company.

Bergstrom SEO, Inc. is one of many search engine optimization companies that cater to start-ups’ and long-established companies’ optimization needs. This company is well known for its high-quality services that are unmatched in more ways than one. Every one of its previous and active long-term clients gained a number of benefits from the utilization of the company’s powerful SEO services.

Bergstrom SEO maintains that the secret to its success is linked to its years of experience, as well as its dynamic crew that try, as much as possible, to raise and innovate its quality of services every day.

Unlike other SEO companies, Bergstrom does not solely rely on content optimization in order to improve the rankings of its clients’ websites. It is actually a mixture of both content and web design. Web design covers the integral facets of webpage presentation, organization and style. Bergstrom incorporates a different kind of style in the presentation of content to enhance its search engine potential. This company also recognizes the many benefits of website design as a powerful tool to maximize SEO efforts on client’s sites.

The organization of the fully-optimized content goes hand-in-hand in securing a website’s place in the top search result results. The company has the right experts, let alone the expertise, to handle various methods of search engine optimization. However, this new method will not only lead to favorable backlink generation, it will also give a website the edge over its competitors since this strategy aids in presenting, in the most emphatic manner, a website’s content to its target audience. Find out more about Bergstrom and its other SEO services by visiting