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Do you ever wonder why some sites receive more attention and traffic than others? Do you ever wonder how people prioritize some sites over another? Practically speaking, the answers to these two questions are related to the technicalities of SEO. The best SEO experts share that even the most boring sites can actually get through and penetrate the top rankings of search engines by using SEO tactics, like URLs. A URL or universal resource locator is actually a code that stands for the address of a certain website. The best SEO company services actually allot time and effort in providing their clients with the right URL to match the quality of their site.

If you take a look at popular sites today, you might notice that most, if not all of them, utilize basic words that are easy-to-understand and remember. If the truth be told, the mind of the human body responds to words or codes that are quite easy to recall. The challenge in creating a site is not merely the design, form, layout and content that it should contain, but rather the URL that will uplift its content, more so than its design and other technicalities. The best SEO experts advise that in coming up with the right name for one’s site, he must consider short, but unique words that can easily leave an impression on visitors.

The importance of URLs does not end there. SEO companies notice that a lot of people often miss the point of “U” in URL. They often miss the point of creating an address that can be universally accepted and simply force certain lengthy words that are hard to digest during a one-time visit. This can actually lead to visitors leaving the site for those that use short or more common words.

Another element of URLs that website developers or owners must avoid is the use of numbers, generic terms or excessive keywords. The use of numbers is only proper if the company deals with numbers. The best SEO experts maintain that generic keywords or keyword stuffing in URLs is often the reason why search engines leave out certain sites. The best SEO company services try to please the different search engines by using non-lengthy keywords.

The use of so-called “friendly URLs” is recommended by many SEO experts. Friendly doesn’t have to mean too simple and it also does not mean substandard. The rule of thumb that a lot of SEO companies follow is simply using URLs that leave a good impression even at a quick glance. The challenge may sound quite difficult to handle, but the secret is actually choosing words that linger the first time you hear them.

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