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It is a common practice for search engine optimization(SEO) firms to claim that they are among the best. It’s easy to make such claims, but much harder to prove it. Here’s how to know you are working with the top company—The best SEO companies are those that stay up on all of the changes implemented by search engines like Google, put a premium on quality content, and have a long-term plan for their clients’ websites. SEO experts or companies that fail to provide original content to their clients, or resort to unethical “black hat” SEO techniques are not to be trusted.

Content is king in SEO and reputable SEO firms realize that this is not just another cliché. A top SEO company makes every effort to ensure that their clients’ websites contain relevant information. Using relevant keywords is not the only way for a website to rank prominently on search engine result pages. Unethical SEO companies rely on “keyword stuffing”—This SEO strategy is frowned upon by SEO experts and can backfire. Instead, the best SEO expert will prepare content and articles that seamlessly incorporate keywords without sounding weird.

Keywords are usually placed in the title and first sentence of an article, and paragraphs are used sparingly in lieu of lists. Other SEO strategies that have been proven effective include using links as part of the copy and using sub-headings that include the keyword phrase. Reputable SEO experts also carefully proofread the pages of their clients’ websites to make sure that keywords have not been “stuffed” onto pages.

The Best SEO company employ “white hat” SEO techniques, including the use of descriptive and keyword-rich Meta tags and updating the website so that it is easy to navigate. These companies stay away from SEO techniques that have been labeled as unethical, or “black hat,” such as keyword stuffing, putting list of keywords in white text against a white background, or invisible text technique.
Finding a top SEO company requires a systematic approach for vetting out the capabilities of a certain SEO company or expert. A website owner can start by asking and business colleagues about whom they have used in the past. A website owner can also contact owners of websites he or she frequently visits. After compiling a list of prospective SEO companies, the website owner should research each SEO firm, and not just looking at their fees. Ask about their SEO techniques. Website owners should also consider checking out the website of the SEO company. Examine case studies of previous campaigns and professional affiliations to help you make the best decision for the right SEO Company. Visit and read about the stellar results of their SEO campaigns.

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