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In the ever changing landscape of the Internet, the best SEO company is updated on the latest trends and changes that can affect your company’s ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Google and other search engines are constantly revising the way they rank websites according to relevance to a particular subject or keyword. Top SEO companies know how to adapt to these changes in order to make their clients’ websites stay on top of these important search engine rankings.

One of the many recent changes that Google has made in ranking websites is rolling out its page layout content algorithm. The algorithm was updated last October 2012 and was designed to evaluate the layout of a website page and its viewable content. Simply put, the algorithm places a premium on the amount of viewable content on a website page. Google acted on the complaints of many of its users about websites having too many advertisements on its webpages.

Now the search engine giants rank website pages according to the amount of relevant content viewable on a page without scrolling down. This is called “Above the Fold” rank, which originated from newspapers and refers to stories on the front page, just above the point where paper folds in half.
Top SEO companies advise their clients to place important information on top of their website page, above the fold. After all, search engines like Google require that websites show relevant text and links early in the crawl to determine what a page or website is about. On the part of an Internet user, seeing a relevant paragraph or sentence early in the page design will give the user an idea what the page is all about. Visitors to your site will want to read a good paragraph early in the page so they will know if the page they are browsing is worthy of their time.

The best SEO company will make sure that relevant keywords and links are placed above the fold on their client’s website pages. SEO experts at a respectable SEO firm will help you redesign your website when it doesn’t have any block of text or keywords above the fold.

SEO experts agree that content is still king, thus they are conscious about placing relevant content and keywords above the fold of a website page. This SEO strategy will make any website receive high rankings on search engines, particularly in Google, undoubtedly the number 1 search engine on the Internet. Visit the SEO expert, Bergstrom-SEO, at for guidance on how to improve your website content for better search engine ranking.

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