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Many SEO companies claim that they are the best search engine optimization company. If you want your website to rank highly, be aware that the best search engine optimization company keeps up with the many updates and changes on Google’s software algorithm. Google constantly updates its software as part of its efforts to better rank websites according to relevance and content. Reliable SEO firms, such as Bergstrom-SEO, are constantly finding ways to optimize their clients’ websites in accordance to the rules set by Google and other major search engines.

As a reputable SEO company, Bergstrom-SEO understands the difference between black hat and white hat SEO techniques, and why it pays to do things the correct way once. What are black hat SEO techniques? They pertain to keyword stuffing and other poor SEO strategies. At first, black hat SEO might cause a website land highly in search engine results, but eventually, Google will drop the rankings, especially if the website is full of repetitive keywords. Black hat SEO is considered unethical, because the strategies are meant to deceive search engines and completely ignore the rules set by these search engines.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, pertains to techniques that are well accepted and employed by reputable firms like Bergstrom. White hat techniques follow the rules set by Google and other search engines. Some of these techniques include seamless incorporation of keywords in articles, re-writing of Meta tags, and improving website content. White hat SEO also includes website redesign, since Google has recently rolled out an algorithm that ranks websites according to the amount of relevant information it displays on the upper part of its page, above the fold.

Being the preeminent search engine, Google is continuously improving the way it ranks websites according to relevance. It will continue to update its software to expose websites that employ black hat SEO strategies, especially those that resort to keyword stuffing. The best SEO firms know this, which is the reason why these companies only follow ethical SEO strategies that have proven effective in making websites land high on search engine result pages. Bergstrom can claim to being among the best in search engine optimization because of their insistence in employing only white hat SEO strategies.

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