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Websites might have some idea what keywords they should target. For example, if a website sells Mac computers, they should naturally try to target and optimize the website for “Mac computers”; however, it is foolish to begin optimizing a site or ranking for a keyword without completing the proper keyword analysis and research. This information can help a SEO company determine which keywords are truly attainable and which have too high competition levels or too low search demand. These factors could be the difference between a SEO plan working successfully and the plan falling flat.

The best SEO company conducts several steps before finally settling on a set of targeted keywords. To begin, the company conducts keyword research, as well as performance and competition analyses. With the help of programs like Google Analytics and Google Adwords, the best SEO company can determine which keywords are currently driving traffic to the website and the potential of these keywords. As mentioned before, if a keyword has too high competition or too low search demand, it may be worth it to look at other related keywords. On the other hand, if a keyword has a good amount of search demand and moderate levels of competition, it could be a keyword worth targeting. This step also reveals which long-tail keywords can be utilized in niche sections of a website.

In addition to these steps, the SEO company can develop and manage Adwords campaigns, as well as focus on conversion analysis so that they may fine tune the keywords focused on during the SEO campaign. Any business owner should be wary of SEO companies that do not take the time to conduct proper research before beginning optimization. Bergstrom-SEO, for example, uses keyword research and analysis as a jumping off point to begin planning a comprehensive SEO campaign.

A website is only as good as its content, which is why content writing is a crucial part of any SEO plan. Google currently places a great deal of emphasis on well-written, relevant and optimized SEO copy writing that is unique to the website. Websites that are lacking in unique or relevant content will ultimately be penalized on Google and rankings will diminish over time. Just as backlink services are necessary to establish a website as the foremost leading resource for a certain topic, product or service, SEO writing services are equally important so that the website is ranking for the targeted keywords while also providing relevant information.

SEO writing services are typically included in plans devised by search engine optimization companies. However, SEO copy writing should not be focused on only one niche or one area of the web. Copy should be diverse and written for multiple platforms, such as social media, niche sections on the specific website and for backlink generation. Creating unique and new copy for each article is important so that the website is not penalized for duplicate content issues. This often becomes an issue when a business hires a SEO company that is inexperienced or utilizes black hat search engine optimization techniques, which ultimately harms a website and its rankings on Google. Additionally, it is vital that all SEO copy writing is essentially well-written. Not only will visitors to the website be turned off by poor grammar or spelling, but Google will also recognize this and – you guessed it – penalize the website.

At Bergstrom-SEO, we regard copy writing as an essential part of our SEO techniques and plans. With dedicated professional writers and editors on staff, we are able to create specialized content specific to each client each month. We understand our content is written for people, not search engines, and we write accordingly.