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How important is your Landing Page to your online business? Very much. Brick Marketing, a respected online marketing solutions company with above 10 years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization, is pleased to declare a new, exciting category that is being added to their informative Search Engine Optimization Journal and the Brick Marketing blog network. This new category is all about Landing Page Optimization and how it can drive even more sales and visitors to your website.

Good landing pages can increase the conversion rates of any online business. Hence, it is important to know how it works. The Landing Page Optimization category is a huge addition to the Brick Marketing blog network. This will inform readers about the marketing tool aspects of landing pages, and how landing pages can work for them. One of the key things that the Landing Page Optimization category of the Search Engine Optimization Journal will cover is the makings of a good landing page. It will cover different topics about what makes a good landing page, such as:

• Keeping content simple but sufficiently sophisticated
• Working from a style sheet
• Including purchase buttons
• Image optimization
• Using sales-oriented material

However, the Landing Page Optimization category will not just discuss what makes a good landing page. It will also discuss other topics that can take your good landing page and make it into a spectacular one that draws in more clients and sells more products. Some of the topics that will also be discussed in the Landing Page Optimization category of the Search Engine Optimization Journal comprise:

• Photo optimization
• Using specific keyword phrases
• Making your landing page stand out
• Local search marketing
• Image optimization

The title tag plays a vital role in attaining high search engine rankings. Google uses page titles to help determine what your web page is about. If you want google to decide that your page is about “Search Engine Optimization”, then “Search Engine Optimization” should be in the page title. If you are serious about getting more clickthroughs on the search engine results page, the words of your title tags can do wonders for you as they appear on the clickable link of the SERP. Of late, title tags have been considered as an effective search engine marketing tool and are one of the big three factors of algorithmic optimization of the search engine. A well written title tag can make a fast as well as considerable difference to your page rank.

The knack of effective title tag writing is to incorporate the keyword on which your content is based. However, make sure it doesn’t look contrived or contorted. The ideal way to utilize your keywords and key phrases in the title tags is in synchronization with the visible body text. This will solve two goals. Firstly, it will increase your website ranking. Secondly, it will generate a link between the visible text and alt text of the page. Not every search engines optimizer considers it as a potential technique. But, those who do will vouch for its success! Just make sure not to repeat the keywords in title tags. Also remember to restrict the title tag of your page within 90 characters else you will have to face penalization from Search engine.

Link-bait is a well-known and well-utilized tool that many webmasters use frequently in order to pull more traffic into a link. One popular method of link-baiting is controversial debate; start up a heated topic and watch the people come.

A few other methods of link baiting:

  • General discussion - Entice users to add their two cents to the topic at hand, discussion can be about current events, controversial articles, or anything in between.
  • Offers - Offer users something in return for visiting your site, a joke, a fun game you enjoy playing on the net, or some cooking tips.
  • Images - Putting up a few cute, funny, or scary images can bring users in, who doesn’t like taking a minute out of their day to check out some photos

Now, Link-baiting sounds like a deceptive trick used by malicious webmasters in an attempt to suck hits from unsuspecting users, but really, Link-baiting can be a fun or informative experience for both parties.

Consider Link-baiting in your next project, see if you can find any useful strategies. Just don’t fool people or deceive them, they usually get pretty angry when they’ve been had.

An interview with Matt Cutts, a software engineer for Google, was recently released onto youtube. Though the interview talks about the best way to promote hotels online, there is some good information here. - part 1. - part 2.

They began the interview by asking Cutts what initiatives a small company should take to gain exposure.

He responded with “Content is King” implying that in order to build a reputable, credible and easily found site, you must have content!

They shortly after began discussing how getting a website up is an essential and integral part of developing a client base. Everyone uses the internet, and if you want to increase your exposure, a website is one of the easiest and best ways to do so. Next, after getting a site up, is getting a blog up, Cutts says. Blogs allow you to gather relevant back-links for your site earning you a higher page rank in Google’s index. When it comes to naming your site, avoid multiple domains, (i.e. Plurals, misspellings, etc. etc.) keep it simple or people will get confused and forget the domain name.

Near the end of the interview Cutts was asked what part of developing a successful site is most important. Is it the research, content, design, or marketing?

Well if you do everything properly they will all flow together nicely. Research comes first, you want your articles to be well informed, and stuffed with valuable information that users will find useful. If your site is a good source of information, then people will tell their friends and before you know it you’ll have a successful website. Once the research and content aspect is done, work on promoting your site through a blog, or through other highly credible, highly relevant sites. Links for sites that are related to yours are very valuable.

The interview ended shortly after but not before providing us with some great info. Be sure to check it out!

Every year, companies around the world are discovering that their business’ website is serving little to no purpose. Often times, the sites haven’t pulled in any profit for the companies, simply because they aren’t generating any traffic. And why should they?

These sites are often poorly made, and jam packed full of useless information making it difficult for Google to categorize the site properly. This leaves the site with a low ranking in Google’s index, causing the business to lose potential customers.

Immediately after realizing the error of their ways, marketing personnel will scramble to get a hold of an SEO company in order to solve their problems.

What some people don’t know is that your average, traditional SEO firm focuses primarily on Text Optimization, often pushing Image Optimization to the back of the bus if not right out the door. Image optimization is an entire corner of the SEO industry, why not take full advantage?

Core Principles of Image Optimization

Image Optimization is a useful tool that has been utilized in web design for several years. Optimizers are aware that by incorporating the use of relevant images into their web pages, they are accessible not only to the text engine search, but image search as well.

In order to understand how Image Optimization works, and to successfully apply it in web design, you should first understand that not every pixel will require optimization.

Here are a few fundamentals to consider when optimizing images.

Four Basics:

1) Quality - Is the image of acceptable quality?
2) Relevance - Is the image relevant to the content surrounding it?
3) Appropriate labelling - Is the label relevant to the image?
4) Image Format - Consider adopting a template for strategic placement.

Its true that a Picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure to find an SEO agency that fully utilizes every tool at its disposal!