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Over the years a lot of
Search Engine Optimization Companies have started up. All make the promise that their methods will help you to get your site placed higher up the search engine rankings, as well as increasing the number of visitors.
The usual services these Search Engine Optimisation services provide include such things as directory submissions, search engine submissions, article writing and submissions, help with DMOZ listings, and blog posts.
Now, to an extent I can go with all of the above. Links from directories, relevant blog posts, and articles can certainly be of some value. Getting listed with DMOZ does no harm of course. Although no one can guarantee your site’s acceptance, having some guidance on how to submit to DMOZ to increase the chance of it being accepted could be worth paying for. And as we all know good back links are important to webmasters. Not everyone has the ability to write his or her own articles. Not all of us have the time to submit to hundreds of directories, nor make blog posts. Paying someone else to do this work some webmasters would feel is worth paying someone else to do on our behalf.
Now I see some Best SEO Company are promoting services such as the creation of Squidoo lenses. I have no doubt that Squidoo is a worthwhile vehicle, which can be effective in gaining some good links. Google likes Squidoo, and good lenses can get high page ranks. The company will typically write a minimum of say 500 words, along with placing a few images. The lens is then transferred to the control of the person paying for the work, and further changes can be made as seen fit.
Where I do draw the line, however, is that some Affordable SEO Firms offer a service whereby they post in forums, placing your link either in the post itself, and/or, in your signature. To me that’s the slippery slope to spam. They say that the post will be on topic. But, of how much real value are those posts likely to be? Admittedly, more posts equals more forum activity, but that isn’t just what it’s about. Forums need members who make good contributions over a period of time, not just over a day or two then disappear. And, I can assure you, that forum administrators and moderators can spot spammers and post count builders a mile off. Inevitably it results in the posts being deleted, and the member banned. Posts, which make a genuine contribution to a forum, are of course welcomed. But, it’s hard to see that posts made with the intention of displaying someone’s link within them, or in the poster’s signature, are likely to be of little real quality.
Whether some Search Engine Optimisation services are going too far is of course something we all need to decide for ourselves, but I do think there are limits to how far they should go in helping webmasters get their links seen.

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