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Bergstrom-SEO company specializing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & performance based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) today announced that it will be offering it’s services in India and other Asian countries besides serving the clients of the US and Europe.

Bergstrom-SEO’s Search Engine Optimization infrastructure and Internet Marketing techniques have achieved success for its clients in the North American market.Bergstrom-SEO provides a unique service of performance based SEO to qualified clients, where it charges only on successful ranking of clients’ keywords. This business model allows clients to determine their ROI and provides the benefits of PPC, without the risk of click fraud.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), is the art and science of designing navigation, writing copy and forming online partnerships which allow target websites to rank high for targeted keywords that helps to increase sales both online and offline .

Bergstrom-SEO company currently manages over $10 Million in advertising spending for its elite customers in the US and UK. Bergstrom-SEO company operations and R&D center allows it to offer high-value, high-touch search marketing services. The exponential growth of search engine usage makes search marketing critical to any online business targeting those and other International markets.

Links pointing to your website from other websites, inbound links, are the most important element in Google’s ranking algorithm. Links are treated like a vote of popularity for a website about a particular subject.One of the greatest challenges to successful search engine optimization (SEO) that companies face is how to acquire many quality inbound links. This discussion will demonstrate to marketers the types of tactics we should use and recommend to clients to obtain many links to boost SEO efforts.

Inbound Linking for SEO: Best Practices and Advanced Techniques
Links pointing to your website from other websites, inbound links, are the most important element in Google’s ranking algorithm. Links are treated like a vote of popularity for a website about a particular subject
One of the greatest challenges to successful search engine optimization (SEO) that companies face is how to acquire many quality inbound links. This session will demonstrate to marketers the types of tactics we use and recommend to clients to obtain many links to boost SEO efforts.

Inbound Linking for SEO: Best Practices and Advanced Techniques

* Why inbound links are important for SEO and how to format them for the best impact
* Techniques to find good websites to place an inbound link
* How to optimize link opportunities through digital assets like press releases and white papers
* Which social media technologies provide links with the best SEO value
* How to measure inbound links and tools to analyze anchor text
* Marketing managers and directors
* Online marketing staff
* Public relations staff
* Social media staff

Trying to make a go of a business online requires a lot of research, time, and planning. Search Engine Optimization can make a big difference to the outlook of your business and so it is essential to learn relevant and useful SEO information and to ignore myths and falsehoods.

Bergstrom-SEO, a SEO firm, knows Search Engine Optimization is not only about manipulating the search engines and cheating your way into a top spot. SEO is about the search results and using proven SEO techniques to help offer your target audience and visitors a better experience. Offering the visitors of your site a useful and meaningful experience using ethical SEO methods will get you the attention and high opinion of search engines. Strong content and a great user experience will increase the chances of a company’s website being ranked well and highly in the search engine results pages.

Bergstrom-SEO company that offers everyday users and companies a place to go to for their consulting needs. “Every business has its own set of needs,” CEO of Bergstrom-SEO said. “Getting to know the business and what they’re needs are is a main function of SEO; needs that apply to one business will not apply to the next and this is something that must be taken into account when seeking out a Nashville SEO firm,” He added.

Below are five myths identified by Bergstrom-SEO company:

1. SEO is not set-it-and-forget-it – You cannot successful run an SEO campaign with a onetime effort. It takes planning and ongoing work to be successful.

2. Websites should not be designed for just the search engines – If a site is designed solely for the search engines then it’s likely the website will not make sense to humans and ultimately will hurt the website in the long run.

3. All SEO efforts should not be directed at the homepage – Websites no longer have a homepage. Most visitors come into a website via a side door or backdoor. These alternative doors are optimized with keywords so that they attract the best possible visitor for your product or service.

4. The results of SEO work will last – As stated in myth one, SEO is a continuous effort and the effects that an SEO campaign has on rankings is not guaranteed to last. Just as you’re working to gain a share, someone else too is working to knock you out.

5. I don’t need a blog it’s too much work – If a blog is too much work then you need to think hard about owning a business. Blogs and social media are great ways to spread the word about your business and work to create meaningful and useful content to boost your way to the top, if done correctly.

Traffic Magnet consists of The core Traffic Magnet software, The Spin Wizard, Trakr, and Twitter Magnet.

The Spin Wizard is a tool designed to help users spin their submissions and helps with any type of content the software submits. Every sentence can be rewritten using different words. Users can also spin individual words and phrases. This application was designed to help users that don’t understand the typical code used to tell different software programs how to spin their content.

Trakr is a simple software designed to clearly indicate where visitors are coming from and identify keywords that should be targeted by users in their content based marketing. Answer specific questions and provide basic statistics and users receive a report with bar and pie graphs showing what is working best for them. This software also features the ability to upload a logo or graphic for consultants to provide to their customers.

Twitter Magnet is a scheduling tool that is hosted on the user’s web hosting plan that automates the process of tweeting. It includes 21,000 jokes and quotes, which have shown to attract “retweets” and followers interested in what the user is saying on Twitter.

In 2007, Google revealed exactly what to do to get ranked in the top of their search results when they released their Universal Search program. By integrating blog results, video results, news results, image and local results, they showed smart marketers exactly what they should focus on to gain positioning for the terms that will drive sales.

Bergstrom-SEO an industry leading SEO company, announced today that an experienced SEO Expert has joined the company’s team as a Senior Web Marketing Consultant.His role will be to oversee and manage the entire process of Search Engine optimization and Search Engine marketing. He will make industry specific strategy for each of his clients and will also ensure how they can be successfully implemented.

“We are thrilled to have an experienced marketer like him, as He brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to our team,” the CEO of Bergstrom-SEO said. “At the same time, the addition of one more seasoned professional ensures that our clients receive the most comprehensive search engine marketing services possible. He will play a key role in our commitment to providing clients with measurable, sustainable online results.”He added.

Before joining the Bergstrom-SEO company as a Senior Web Marketing Consultant, He was responsible for strategically executing marketing campaigns and initiatives for five states in his role as a Regional Promotion Manager.He also served as a Marketing Manager where he was accountable for new business development. Most recently, he held a Senior Marketing Manager position where he oversaw internal and external communications for the company.

Bergstrom-Seo, a full-service search engine optimization and marketing company, is proud to announce that one of their SEO Expert,will be presenting a “Local Search Case study” shortly.

There are certain local search strategies that have an impact, and some that do not work at all.This case study is designed to help SEO’s across the world to make smart decisions when it comes to putting together a local search strategy.The Local Search Strategy elaborates different aspects of local searches and which are the key areas that one need to identify and focus on and to give the maximum amount of emphasis.

Some of the SEO Experts of Bergstrom-Seo will be discussing the different pros and cons of “Local Search” They will be discussing about how to create an effective SEO Strategy for “Local Search”It is believed that these strategies will come in very handy at a time when one need to put in place an effective “Local SEO Strategy”.

Bergstrom-Seo has created an ongoing SEO strategy that is raising its online visibility and generating both buzz and business for the company.

“When shoestring budgets meet the need to create awareness for our company and our brand, we felt PR would be the most cost-effective activity, compared with advertising and direct-mail, to market our company,” said one of the spokesperson of Bergstrom-Seo. “Creating an SEO strategy through PRWeb was a way to gain tighter control over our PR and quantify its impact on our website, within Google and ultimately into sales.”

“With a single press release sent on behalf of our new online SEO strategy, we were able to successfully demonstrate our work and abilities to catch the attention of a prospect who hired us to build a web 2.0 application. One press release turned into thousands of dollars worth of business for our company, that’s the kind of awareness we dreamed of, not to mention an enormous return on our PR investment,”He said .

Bergstrom-Seo is now using a special search engine submission service to automatically create and submit XML Sitemaps directly to major search engines for its clients. The XML Sitemap submissions ensures search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing have the most comprehensive listing of web pages for Bergstrom-Seo clients.

Bergstrom-Seo technology increases the likelihood that a site’s most important pages will be found and indexed.Bergstrom-Seo recognizes that Sitemaps are a fundamental foundation of SEO.Bergstrom-Seo is a highly respected agency, well known for using both technology and experienced search professionals to generate results.

How Bergstrom-Seo search engine visibility technology helps its Clients.This new technology helps web sites and blogs boost search engine visibility, targeted site traffic and sales. The service crawls sites for content, even discovering pages, such as dynamic content not normally found by search engine crawlers. All pages are then automatically formatted into an XML Sitemap and directly submitted to the XML interface of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. The service is completely web-based, with no software to install.

Till now the only way for a business to get an online presence was to either pay for advertising or try to get the business website rank in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERP. This often becomes a time consuming and expensive work as a traditional SEO campaign could take months with no guarantee of a result. But now there is a new way to place a business in front of internet searchers and it is about to revolutionize the way businesses market online: Local Search.

Google has come up with a new concept called “Local Search”.The concept is not very popular as of now but will gain popularity in near future.Now Google is offering an option of searching its Google Maps database and showing the searcher relevant businesses for their search inquiry which are located in their area when they search from their desktop.

With the advent of smart phones like the iPhone and the Android platform, search has now.If a user just tries typing in “pizza” into their smart phone web browser and checks the results they get, they will see something completely new. The results are all geographically optimized for the location that the person is in. This is done with the help of GPS and 3G technology.So the businesses that show first are the local ones in the searchers local area and this has dramatic business implications.

Therefore from now on local businesses have to be listed in Google Maps Business listings. But not only that, their listing must be fully verified with Google and also must be properly optimized so that it shows up within the first two or three listings.Correct citations are needed across the web, businesses need their listing optimized for keywords and they need to get their geo location spot on for their business markets.

Well now Bergstrom-SEO is offering a service to do all that and put businesses on the first page of the maps listings bearing all the hit and miss and associated stress.If a business needs to be in front of internet searchers so as to gain more customers and also wants to be on the next wave of the internet boom, then this might just be the SEO service for their company.

Bergstrom-SEO,which is regarded as one of the best search engine optimization firm, has been making its presence felt in the SEO Industry for sometime now.The Company founder has recently revealed how factors such as Personalized Search and Social Media have changed the playing field for companies looking to leverage SEO tactics.

“While search engine optimization is still an incredibly important tool, it has to be considered as part of a company’s overall marketing strategy,”He said. “One of the major challenges that companies face is turning high search engine placement into more business. Integrating new tools such as social media marketing, Video SEO and local search is absolutely critical to making this happen.”

Bergstrom-SEO has revealed some very useful and important search engine optimization tools.Clients who are looking for complete integration of social media into their mainstream overall marketing plans may now turn to Bergstrom-SEO to get better SMO facility.Bergstrom-SEO can do Social Media Optimization for companies websites on Social Media Sites like Twitter, Facebook and more along with managing posts and providing social marketing services including social profile creation, social bookmarking and video SEO.