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We think we’re #1, but we’ve only been doing SEO for our own website for a few months. Give us another month. We’ll be #1.We’ve shot up in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) because of two things.Content is king. We created a, and started writing. Google loves websites with plenty of high quality, relevant content.

We give all our clients a skinned wordpress blog and help them upload it to their own website. Most SEO companies don’t do this because it’s quite hard. But, we’re not most SEO companies. We’re the best.

Backlinks help. Google looks at the number of other sites that link to you. If many other websites think you’re good enough to link to, then Google decides that you’re good enough to show up up in the top 10 for keywords related to your business.

On-page elements get you on the SERP pages. We worked on our page titles, meta description tags, and keyword densities. If you want to show up for “best SEO company”, you better use that phrase in the main page of your website. We did.

That’s just some of the things we did for our own site. Click here to learn more about what we do.

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