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Without search engine marketing and customization from a company like Bergstrom (located at, you are probably wasting time and money with your online presence. When you think about it, you are spending anywhere from $50 - $300 a year just to be online. If your website is an informational site for a charity, school or other organization then chances are, you will get natural traffic due to public interest and organizational membership following. But if you are trying to build a business online, and you don’t already have a customer base that is actively searching for your site or following your message, you’re going to need an effective search engine marketing plan to market your site.

If you’re one of those people that feels like you can manage your own search engine marketing campaign, you probably haven’t thought this particular plan through and you probably don’t realize that you aren’t ready to do such a thing. Many online resources will have you believe that you can successfully handle your own SEO campaign. What you are not told is that it will take more than 40 hours a week of manpower on your part, it will cost just as much as or more than the fees of a hired search engine marketing company over time and that you will wind up spending money on self-education, software purchasing etc.

You won’t be able to spend anytime focusing on your company goals because you will have to spend all of your time promoting your company. Another thing that you don’t realize is that professional SEO organizations like Bergstrom’s have tools and tricks that can get you to the top of the search engines much faster than you can with your own methods. You will never learn about these tricks because these are the tools that set companies like Bergstrom above the rest. These are tricks that can only be learned from extensive experience with search engine marketing. You will not develop these tricks in one year, nor will you develop tricks like this marketing one type of website.

You may be able to develop your own tips and tricks after many years of experience with SEO, but do you really have that kind of time? When you are managing your own SEO campaign effectively, you really must become an search engine marketing professional and not the retailer, blogger, designer, artist or a service person that you are.

Why not leave your SEO marketing to the pros. Leave it to people that know what they’re doing. Bergstrom will save you time and headaches. Bergstrom has been an experienced and trusted SEO marketing firm for many years. They can successfully carry your search engine marketing project from beginning to end. They use ethical optimization methods and provide prompt and courteous service to all customers. You will enjoy your experience with Bergstrom because you will be increasing your online profits and website traffic within a very short time.

When it comes time to maximize your company’s online presence and to attract website traffic from within your target niche, it is important that you find the best SEO company in the industry with which to team up. There are two key SEO strategies that can help your company soar to the top of search engine listings and gain a great online reputation amongst web browsers and fellow business owners alike.


When major search engine web crawlers look through their massive indexes in order to match browsers with relevant websites, they are primarily looking to match the keywords that the browsers have entered into their query fields. Therefore, if you team up with the best SEO company in the industry, you can make an educated guess as to which keywords the browsers from within your niche are likely to enter into their search engine query fields. Once you have the appropriate keywords, you can incorporate them into your website content, thus signaling relevance to web crawlers and boosting your ranking in results listings.


The best SEO company will understand that another key way of boosting your search engine results ranking is to generate backlinks to your website. Back links let web crawlers know that your site is well connected in cyberspace. However, it is very important that you be teamed up with the best SEO company in the industry, so that you can get the right type of backlinks instead of the wrong type.

If you have backlinks coming in from SPAM sites or from other disreputable (or paid) websites, web crawlers are likely to associate your website with a “bad neighborhood” and may even blacklist you from search results altogether. The best SEO company knows the difference between bad links and valuable links. They can help you to get create backlinks from only the most respectable websites and directories, thereby boosting your results ranking.

Trust only the best SEO company in the industry with all of your SEO needs; you will be glad you did.

In our current economy, competition is intensifying in the consumer marketplace and small to mid-sized businesses are shifting their focus from traditional advertising to online campaigns. Top SEO companies have teamed up with these small to mid-sized businesses in order to increase their exposure, attract targeted traffic and to improve their overall online reputations amongst prospective clients and other business owners.

Search Engine Rankings

While ranking high in major search engine results is not the only aspect that top SEO companies concern themselves with, it is a very important facet of boosting a businesses online marketing campaign. A recent study performed by iProspect reveals that 90% of search engine users click on a result located in the first three pages of search results.

This overwhelming statistic proves that if you want to be noticed by web browsers in your target market, you are going to need to have top SEO companies work with you to optimize your website’s relevance level amongst search engines.

Organic vs. Paid Listings

There are two primary ways that top SEO companies get businesses listed in the first few pages of search engine results. Many top SEO companies take the shortcut to top search engine listings by paying search engines or affiliate companies in order to be listed along the top or the side of search engine results. While this can generate a lot of traffic for your website, people tend to resist clicking on paid advertisements.

Therefore, if you want to establish trust with web browsers and attract traffic to your company website that is from within your own niche, organic listings are the best way to get your site listed high in search engine results. Keyword rich text, quality links and great editorial content are three of the primary ways that top SEO companies will work with you to get the exposure and website traffic that your business needs to thrive.

We’ve worked with realtors in the past, and we very often feel that online marketing in general and Search engine optimization (SEO) in particular presents the biggest bang for their marketing dollar or realtors. As an example, in one small resort market, a new agent grossed $58,000 from a web site in the first year. We could trot out an example of a new agent making $1M off the leads generated from a new website. But, we both know that the latter result isn’t typical. A new website should be able to generate $58,000 in revenue (with little marketing).

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